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Authoritative, complete, and 100% customizable, The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates is a revolutionary approach. Whatever your goal, whatever your challenge, whatever your experience level, you'll find the perfect routine — every time.

Our routines are designed to work the whole body, coming at each muscle in multiple ways. Forget boring repetitions: You go smoothly from one move to the next in the series, so reps are kept to a minimum. Variations help change things up even more. Full-color photographs of every single move mean your form is always perfect.

Do you have special goals or needs? We've got you covered. Whether your goal is to be more flexible, look hot in a bikini, excel in your chosen sport, correct your posture, or prevent and ease pain, there's a special series just for you! And as your needs change, The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates changes right along with you. It's like having a top personal trainer on speed dial!

You'll see pounds and inches start to melt away as you strengthen your core and rev up your metabolism. Plus, as you develop those coveted "Pilates abs," you're going to see some side effects: Flexibility, balance, and endurance will improve dramatically. You'll sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Your mind will be sharper, your confidence will soar, and your mood will lighten.

About the Author: Best-selling author Brooke Siler is a noted authority and celebrated instructor. Her body-reshaping techniques are sought out by supermodels and ordinary people alike. Brooke has trained with the very best and follows original Pilates moves for proven results.
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There has never been a book like The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates. Forget one-size-fits-all: You customize your routine to fit your unique goal. Whether you're a beginner who wants to improve her cycling, an expert who wants a beach-ready body, or a woman who just wants to enjoy better posture, deeper sleep, and less stress, our huge menu of options gives you the exact routine you need. So you see the results you want &msash; fast!

Secrets of the long, lean Pilates body

  • Build a better butt using a vertical mat (also known as a "wall"). See page 82.
  • Lemons, berries, and other stress-busting foods. Your complete Pilates nutrition guide starts on page 40.
  • Correct a swayback posture with the routine starting on page 274.
  • Bring on the tank top! Best moves for buff arms. Page 308
  • Always carry your bag on your right arm, carry your baby on your left hip, or cross your legs the same way? Pilates can undo the imbalances these habits create. Explanation, page 31
  • 14 moves to make you a more powerful runner. Cross-training routines start on page 371.
  • Bands, balls, barrels, and beyond: how to set up your own home studio (for less money than you'd believe!). Page 186
Tone your tummy. Crisscross Variation. Page 298. Firm up your butt. Hot Potato. Page 311. Pump up your metabolism. Knees to Elbows Front. Page 340. Banish an aching back. Squats with Circles. Page 396. Increase your flexibility. Rolling like a ball. Page 356. And so much more! Try it FREE for 21 days. Click here.
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